Building Entry System

River Place North uses a key fob entry system for easy, secure building access. A fob is required to access the front, side, loading dock, and garage doors as well as the laundry, storage, and bicycle rooms on the basement level. Hold your active fob up to the fob reader, then open the door (the lobby glass door opens automatically). A current registration is required to maintain an active key fob.

Security – For security purposes, all fobs are controlled. Each fob is registered to an owner or resident. You must register with the Management Office or Front Desk to obtain a fob. See our Planning Your Move page for registration details.

Fob Registration / Purchase – Each fob can be activated and deactivated. Owner fobs are active unless/until the home is sold. Renter fobs are active until the lease ends. If you receive a fob when you move in, it will need to be reprogrammed and associated with you. The fob will be updated when you register with the Management Office or the Front Desk. 

A new fob costs $25. New fobs are available at the Management Office during regular business hours. The registration price does not include a key fob.

Extension of Fob Registration – If your lease is extended, re-register to extend your fob activation. Your fob will be reprogrammed with the new expiration date. If your lease is extended on a month to month basis, your registration will be renewed for up to 3 months.