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River Place North Housing Corporation (RPNHC) provides homes to its shareholders. Each shareholder owns a stock certificate and a proprietary lease on a specific home in RPN. We operate according to our governing documents.

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Governing Documents

Articles of Incorporation (275k PDF File)

Bylaws (137k PDF File)

Proprietary Lease agreement between RPNHC and shareholder (1,471k PDF File)

Rules & Regulations (111k PDF File)

Board of Directors
A seven member board of directors, each serving staggered 2 year terms, oversees RPNHC operations. Elections are held at the annual shareholder meeting each Spring. 3 or more seats are up for election each year.

Candidacy Form (24k Word doc) – Complete this form and return it to the manager before the Spring cutoff date to be considered for a position on the board of directors.

Minutes of regular board meetings and annual shareholders are available. Follow the “Minutes” link at the top of this page.

Assessments and Fees
Assessments are calculated on a per share basis. Assessments cover utilities (electricity, gas, water) building maintenance, trash removal, pool and gym membership, grounds maintenance, security patrol, and funding for replacement reserves.

ACH Signup Form(40KB Word doc) – Complete this form and return it to the Management Office to have assessments automatically transferred from your bank account not before the 5th of each month. This service covers monthly fees only. Other payments must be made separately.

Schedule of Fees (24k Excel File) – Describes services offered by RPNHC and their associated costs where applicable. Contact the Management Office to schedule services.